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Our Best-Selling Extra Soft Diapers

Our Best-Selling Extra Soft Diapers

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Why we love it:
  • Especially skin-friendly: ideal for sensitive baby skin with incomparable softness
  • Made without perfume, lotion, dyes inside or natural latex
  • Gently bleached without chlorine
  • Optimal fit and leakage protection: Secure closure and flexible adjustment to legs and abdomen with closures firmly attached to each diaper
  • Optimum comfort thanks to umbilical protection neckline
  • Practical wetness indicator for sizes 1 and 2
  • Keeps baby dry for up to 12 hours
  • Produced using renewable energies, pulp from FSC certified sources, and 40% recycled plastic bags
  • GMO-free
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Perfect for you if:

You want to avoid leaks and blowouts

You want to protect your baby from unwanted substances

You want the most environmentally-friendly disposable diapers on the market

Product Description

Diapering your baby with the most high-quality, trusted resources is paramount, but it doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Our diapers are specially designed to protect the most sensitive skin! They include soft, fleece-like material and more importantly, they do not include lotions, latex, fragrances, chlorine, and dyes. This makes Avvande diapers incredibly skin-friendly as they keep the skin reliably dry for a long time (even at night!) without the undesirable additives that you’ll find in conventional diapers.

Made from FSC-certified paper, these luxury diapers were awarded the Blue Angel for sustainable and environmentally friendly production. Additionally, 40% of the packaging is made from recycled plastic bags!

And no worries about those frequent changes in the early months when you are beyond exhausted because the wetness indicator (available in sizes 1 and 2) makes it super easy to tell if your baby needs changing. Because Avvande diapers are available in sizes 1-3, we recommend that you choose the larger option if you vary between two sizes.